Difficult Days

I am grateful for frustrating difficult days, after a bout of complaining that is.

They push me out my comfort zone, engage passionate debate, intentional action and motivates change, in order create pockets of excellence and growth. Or maturation as my mother likes to say.

I allow the frustrating moments to happen once, then I need to do something about it or stop complaining.

Complaining without action is clutter resulting in complacency.

Frustration without focus is stagnation resulting in disengagement.

Turn the Negative ranting energy into motivation for improvement or turn away.

Breakfast by candlelight

This morning of all the things I could be grateful for, I can’t help but exude gratefulness for candles. I went to bed in the absence of electricity and woke up in the absence of it yet again. I suppose I should be grateful for electricity – when we do have it- and I am, but not today. It has permeated our lives to such an extent that for a moment this morning I thought to myself “why am I even awake? There’s nothing I can do?”

We have cultivated our lives around a constant electric pulse.

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