Day Offf

Yesterday was a long-ass day.

I woke up with sinus which seems to be my thing these days? A headache that had the potential to morph into a migraine and fatigue because well… 40’s? Yes it’s only March – well it was still March yesterday but I am tired y’all.

I woke up to the thought of 4 meetings in the diary, 3 kids in the house, 2 of them mine and 1 of me. Ava wasn’t feeling the Holiday Club vibe and needed a “me day” and I totally get that. I could have done with one of those myself. However, I am kind of proud and impressed that my 7-year-old is that self-aware that she knows when she needs some downtime to recharge. Aiden had a buddy over. Two almost 12-year-old boys with an entire day ahead of them…. what could go wrong besides the internet being throttled? I was so pleased when they went outside to enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather we have been having until I thought about all the things a cricket ball could break!

Perhaps I should have forced Ava to go to holiday club, perhaps I shouldn’t have initiated a play date at mine, perhaps I should have prepared my marketing presentation earlier in the week…

Regardless, back to my morning – I pulled myself towards myself. Accepted that my “me time” exercise wasn’t going to happen today,
(largely fueled by my feeling meh vibe) squeezed in a rather poor attempt at meditation, and quickly wrote down why I was grateful in my journal. Almost immediately my attitude shifted, as it always does when I do my morning routine. My mind is directed to all the good things I have going on in my life and when in gratitude mode, I am more gracious, calm, and let’s be honest a hell of a lot more pleasant to be around. Anxious, controlling Bron is a pain in the ass, moody, grumpy, and tends to complain. a lot. We don’t need that. No one does.

I made myself a delicious cup of Red Cappuccino, drafted a quick revised plan for the day, and just started.

Before I knew it, I was 3 meetings down, it was 2pm and I had barely heard a peep from the kids. I hadn’t even fed them, yikes! I had kindly asked the Universe to help me out with my day and the Universe did not disappoint. My amazing boyfriend stopped by with all my printing I needed to do (saving me a trip into town), made me an even more delicious cup of Red Cappuchion (because it is always more delicious when someone makes one for you) and then whisked all 3 kids off to his place to play cricket and swim. Thank you, Universe. Thank you Cheyne.

When I was finally done with my day and went to go fetch the offspring and friend, I was greeted with the sight of 3 happy laughing kids, having the time of their lives…….and a passionate kiss and embrace in the middle of the Astro field from a very fit, good looking, awesome guy who happened to be my boyfriend.

There was a mom at the play area who witnessed the entire scene and desperately demanded to know how she could get her husband to do that. She said I am the luckiest person ever, 3 happy kids, an amazing guy who has been so attentive and engaged with the kids all afternoon, and then to be greeted like that when I get home.

She is not wrong. Sometimes we need a little perspective in the form of a sweet stranger mom to remind us just how good we have it.

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