The pursuit of the perfect life, one beautiful mistake at a time

This blog, like my life is anything BUT perfectly sorted.

We all have to start somewhere and so here is my first leap into the wold of blogging. This blog serves to document my flawed, yet fearless journey of trying to do the the infamous “juggle” of work, home, motherhood, social and self.

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  • 2022: My top 5 excuses for a slow start
    Is it just me or are well all really struggling to get off the couch in this first week of 2022? My daughter Ava tells me that getting off the couch after watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S all afternoon is like trying to pull a plaster off. You know you need to, but…
  • Milestones
    This is my 100th blog. I first called my blog site Pursuit of Perfection.Actually, I called it Persuit of Perfection.The irony right? It took me a while to figure out how to change the domain to fix that unfortunate typo. Four years ago, I had no perfectly laid plans for…
  • To school or not to school
    Last week I had a dilemma. My usually perky precocious enthusiastic daughter little Miss Janey was tired, tearful and quiet. Quiet. As in no chatting. No words. No singing, not even a hum. In between her sobs, while lying curled up in her yellow blanket next to the heater warming…

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