The pursuit of the perfect life, one beautiful mistake at a time

This blog, like my life is anything BUT perfectly sorted.

We all have to start somewhere and so here is my first leap into the wold of blogging. This blog serves to document my flawed, yet fearless journey of trying to do the the infamous “juggle” of work, home, motherhood, social and self.

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  • Day Derailed
    It started off like any other day… Me trying to figure out what day it is, which kid was going to do what or go where while I worked. Someone was crying. Probably me but at this point does it…
  • Knock knock. Whose there?
    What happens when hopelessness starts to creep in? The soft, low grade, vibration that is there in the background getting louder and louder, so slowly that you hardly notice. But it’s there alright, and starting to make itself known. The…
  • Gifts of Growth & Gratitude
    Two years ago, I was burnt out, broken and basically bedridden. I spent a week cocooned under the duvet, feeling the effects of a perfect life imploding in a year long spiral of stress. One year ago, I was brave…

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