The pursuit of the perfect life, one beautiful mistake at a time

This blog, like my life is anything BUT perfectly sorted.

We all have to start somewhere and so here is my first leap into the wold of blogging. This blog serves to document my flawed, yet fearless journey of trying to do the the infamous “juggle” of work, home, motherhood, social and self.

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  • Beautiful, Broken but not beaten
    This week has been surreal and traumatic on a level that cannot be comprehended, nor articulated and the effects of which have not yet even begun to sink in. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel bouts of disassociation or depersonalisation.That feeling where you feel like you are…
  • Oh my gawd we’re back again
    I think I may just go insaneIs there anyone who can tell me moreHow the hell to survive adjusted level four Am I stressed at all?YeahAm I pissed off much?YeahAm I feeling constrained?YeahThe kids better get their shit together now. I confess I had just been watching This Is Pop…
  • Fair Weather Writing
    Firstly I must apologise for the array of spam like emails that found their way into my respected and dearly appreciated subscribers inbox last Friday. I was hoping to very quietly and inconspicuously upload my “Hitting the wall series” to my blog so that it was part of my writing…

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