Hey There, I’m Bronwynn Kelland, and this blog, like my life, is anything BUT perfectly sorted.

A recovering Perfectionist-People-Pleaser mother of two, I am an employed Real-Estate Marketer by day and wanna-be business owner blogger/ writer/ creator by night very early in the morning. I am curious and multi-passionate (Thanks ADD) focused on well… focus, productivity, and efficiency in pursuit of growth, gratitude, and joy.

A self- confessed perfectionist-people pleaser, and fueled by a desire to overcome ADD, anxiety, and depression, I love discovering and dabbling in the areas of well-being and nutrition, meditation, neuroscience, bio-hacking, Pilates, psychology, personal development, art, writing, and manifesting with a desire to find the right balance of integration that works for me.

The pursuit of a perfectly imperfect life.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Balance & Stability
    Two words that can be used to describe pretty much nothing at the moment if you were to scan the news headlines. Rather don’t. I did which I swore I would not do, and now I’m suffering the consequences. Prime Ministers fleeing countries, pushed out of office, Billionaires buggering around […]
  • Day Offf
    Yesterday was a long-ass day. I woke up with sinus which seems to be my thing these days? A headache that had the potential to morph into a migraine and fatigue because well… 40’s? Yes it’s only March – well it was still March yesterday but I am tired y’all. […]
  • 2022: My top 5 excuses for a slow start
    Is it just me or are well all really struggling to get off the couch in this first week of 2022? My daughter Ava tells me that getting off the couch after watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S all afternoon is like trying to pull a plaster off. You know you need to, but […]

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