Mom – Me

Mom – Me

The relentless tug of war between Mom and Me.

I love being a mom, yes, even despite my ranting and wobblies for public consumption. Read Road trippin flippin rage, Let’s all go to the beach or Time Out. On second thought, maybe don’t read them. You might get the wrong impression of me, or if you are still on the fence about starting a family, this may push you off.

I am there for every sneeze, every oweee, every tear, every complicated existential unanswerable life questions thrown at me on the 8 minute morning school run such as,

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Pride, pain & pulled muscles

Pride, pain & pulled muscles

My body is in pain. From my 2nd toe on my right foot which I “sprained?” well over a month ago falling off Ava’s headboard (long story) to my neck, shoulders, hips, legs, arms, tummy, chest, hands back… everywhere. A mom I met at Aiden’s Gymnastics class had just broken her toe – the same one as mine and was told that it will always be swollen like that. Wtf? My sexy 2nd toe is now fat and going to stay like that? I need to research that one. Can’t possibly be.

I feel like a pretzel. Not to eat. I feel like my body has become one. On Thursday I was not only able to just touch my toes, but I can usually put my hands flat on the ground.

Friday afternoon while sitting in the stands watching the junior primary sports day, sitting felt like a marathon. I was uncomfortable in every position. Then what did I do?

Yup I took part in the Moms race. The parents race is that time of the year where most most sprains and injury’s occur btw. The Dads race was so competitive they should have had sponsors and an actual podium for places. So there I was trying to make my boy proud. Most importantly I checked that he saw me at the starting line. Big dramatic wave. Check. All good. If he didn’t, then it wasn’t worth it. It felt like I was running through mud. I came third, which would have been great except for the fact that he came first in his race. “Well done mom, you did so well. Third is good. You did your best” he tells me, with words straight out of my mouth when he’s come somewhere that is not pole position.

I felt proud. Well to be honest, I felt pain. Proud, but mostly pain as we (I) hobbled back to the car.

So now I’m like a pretzel with pulled hamstring muscles.

I tried to do Pilates on Saturday but it was tough.

I tried to find a message or physio place on Saturday. Ha ha. It was tough.

I tried to do some stretches this morning, it was near impossible.

This is not my body right now. I can’t even pull my knees to my chest which is a rest position. Child’s pose hurts. I don’t recall having such hectic workout sessions last week? The moms race was a tough 80m I won’t lie but pulled hammies is about the extent of it. This feels like a whole body injury. All I can think of is that it’s either a combination of workouts and the moms race, old age, or quite possibly a physical reaction to my therapy session Friday morning. Hmmmm

Oh ja, did I mention I see a therapist? A head therapist, not a massage one although this afternoon I am seeing the massage one. More on that for another day – about the head therapist, not the massage one.

I better go hobble up the stairs to wake the sleeping beauties.

Night night off

Night night off

I love going out and having a break now and then but you know what I also love? When I get home, I go give the kids a love and a mooch while they are all snug as a bug in a rug. Ava is no doubt in the middle of dreaming about mermaid princesses riding unicorns on the way to visit Barbie so doesn’t know I’m home. Aiden is getting older now where he wakes up and grabs me with both arms “Mommy!! You’re home. How was your night?” (Note I’m Mommy when he’s all sleepy and happy and being the prodigal son.

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