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  • All or nothing
    I am a single mother and I’m putting my hand up. Yes, the struggle is indeed real….
  • Breaking Point
    "I have reached a point where I feel I can no longer cope…" Two months ago I wrote this. As I am sure all parents know, you feel terrible to even allow yourself to think … Read more
  • Difficult Days
    I am grateful for frustrating difficult days, after a bout of complaining that is. They push me out my comfort zone, engage passionate debate, intentional action and motivates change…
  • Mood. Tired. Tooth. Timings. Myth.
    Yesterday I was a moody, short- tempered bitch. All the “little things” that don’t usually bug me, really annoyed me yesterday. But!!!!! But it was only a day. A brief blip in the bigger scheme … Read more
  • Sitting on a rock
    The foundations of the home I hold so dear to me is crumbling. The country that chose me, and in turn I it. There is an ache deep in my heart. The kind that is … Read more
  • Pick up. Drop off.
    As the meet swap approachesthe anticipationpicks up,along with it anxiety, my forever friend.The taste of time out.Time off.A break.A pause in the persistent parenting pulse. Instead;The moment after exchange,all anticipation free falls into suspension. Relief, … Read more
  • The secret to life
    Yup I have figured it out. Bold I know. And it’s awesome. Now before I spill the beans… I don’t want to come across all righteous and bitchy or full of myself. Well not today … Read more
  • Me & Marlin…
    When trying to find a fun, enjoyable, not too taxing, not too long, not too exhausting or not too expensive activity that we can all do together as a family, with a 5 year old … Read more
  • Migraine Musings
    Migraines; Are my Kryptonite Are relentless Are excruciating Are debilitating Are scary.
  • Project Procrastination
    Does anyone else have issues with their kids school projects? #AskingForMe as right now I don't care what my friends issues are. I have a procrastinator in my midst.
  • I got, I got, I got, I got options
    I am grateful that we have options and choices in life. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. It can be overwhelming. Choosing can be scary. Making a decision is scary AF.
  • Routine gone rogue
    This morning in my inbox sat a mail which was written just for me. But I am sure Mel Robbins' million’s of fans all felt the same. Every year from March through to May, the … Read more
  • The Business of Marketing
    The Business of Marketing. Having spent the better part of 15 years in marketing, I suddenly found myself offering to write a blog on the subject as part of my little side hustle, and I … Read more
  • Mom – Me
    The relentless tug of war between Mom and Me. I love being a mom, yes, even despite my ranting and wobblies for public consumption. I am there for every sneeze, every oweee, every tear, every … Read more
  • Taking one’s own
    Today  I am grateful that I am here. Alive, breathing. Today someone else is not. Today someone is not here. Yesterday someone lost a loved one, a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a … Read more
  • Climbing the ladder
    This morning I got up early without snoozing.But I hadn't been.I meditated for 10 minutes, which I still find incredibly difficult to do and stick to.But I hadn't been.
  • Mom gets home…
    Mom gets home at 6pm after a kak Monday only to be harassed by son (no hello Mom, how was your day Mom) for another Fortnite skin for “only R89 bucks Mom. I have to … Read more
  • Breakfast by candlelight
    This morning of all the things I could be grateful for, I can’t help but exude gratefulnes for candles. I went to bed in the absence of electricity and woke up in the absence of … Read more
  • Home time
    I am grateful for my home. Especially when I get back from a work trip at 10.30pm on a Friday night. I haven’t been to be honest. It’s old. It has no garden. No pool. … Read more
  • About Tuesday night…
    For the first time since being divorced I decided to give online dating a proper go. It doesn't feel natural or comfortable for me, it's way out of my comfort zone and completely unlike the … Read more

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