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  • Mind the Gap
    Today is day 3 of my new leaf life sans snoozing. I can confidently say this now as I type, but when my silent watch alarm was gently […]
  • Choose-Day
    Since my weekends have become, well, not mine but rather an air BnB establishment with an Uber side hustle for the kids, I’ve been bunking my weekend gym […]
  • Balance & Stability
    Two words that can be used to describe pretty much nothing at the moment if you were to scan the news headlines. Rather don’t. I did which I […]
  • Day Offf
    Yesterday was a long-ass day. I woke up with sinus which seems to be my thing these days? A headache that had the potential to morph into a […]
  • 2022: My top 5 excuses for a slow start
    Is it just me or are well all really struggling to get off the couch in this first week of 2022? My daughter Ava tells me that getting […]
  • Milestones
    This is my 100th blog. I first called my blog site Pursuit of Perfection.Actually, I called it Persuit of Perfection.The irony right? It took me a while to […]
  • To school or not to school
    Last week I had a dilemma. My usually perky precocious enthusiastic daughter little Miss Janey was tired, tearful and quiet. Quiet. As in no chatting. No words. No […]
  • Beautiful, Broken but not beaten
    This week has been surreal and traumatic on a level that cannot be comprehended, nor articulated and the effects of which have not yet even begun to sink […]
  • Oh my gawd we’re back again
    I think I may just go insaneIs there anyone who can tell me moreHow the hell to survive adjusted level four Am I stressed at all?YeahAm I pissed […]
  • Fair Weather Writing
    Firstly I must apologise for the array of spam like emails that found their way into my respected and dearly appreciated subscribers inbox last Friday. I was hoping […]
  • Dis-traction
    I have a problem. In fact, I have two problems.Two Dots and Entourage. These are currently my top two distractions. I have been beating myself up for, firstly, […]
  • Tog bag teachings in failure
    It’s 7.40am on a Thursday in April and I’m sitting in my car outside school, clutching Aiden’s swimming tog bag in my lap. I had illegally messaged the […]