Oh my gawd we’re back again

I think I may just go insane
Is there anyone who can tell me more
How the hell to survive adjusted level four

Am I stressed at all?
Am I pissed off much?
Am I feeling constrained?
The kids better get their shit together now.

I confess I had just been watching This Is Pop on Netflix and had just heard how Sweden made pop stars out of the Backstreet Boys before I had to tune into Uncle Cyril’s speech.

Lockdown level 4.

I know it is the right thing to do, it IS the right thing to do. I’ve been home with kids quarantining, having the possibility of the virus hit close to home.

But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.
It’s inconvenient.
So effing inconvenient.

And just like that… no routine. Survival mode. Working with kids at home. No matter how many times it comes around, I feel I never quite nail it.

Trying to remember to make snacks and lunches, (don’t look at me like that) chasing the kids off the screens, then just as quickly dragging them back on again. (How else does a person work from home with kids, let’s be real here?)

To be fair, we are all 18 months older and wiser. I can lock the bathroom door and there is a trampoline. But still. There are a finite number of plates, cups and teaspoons that need to be used and cleaned.

I need to reframe this… and fast.

No school uniforms to wash and iron.
No packed lunches to unpack
More time with my kids.
More memories – not being specific here as to good or bad
Less fuel consumption

Ok let’s do this.

Covid-19 – South Africa 3rd Wave, Lockdown Level 4 (adjusted)

One response to “Oh my gawd we’re back again”

  1. Shelly DS Avatar

    My 30th birthday falls into this lockdown and all my plans have gone out the window. I can’t even go for a fancy dinner! Ugh! And you’re right, we know it’s the right thing to do, BUT we can still do it with saltiness!


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