Home time

I am grateful for my home. Especially when I get back from a work trip at 10.30pm on a Friday night.

I haven’t been to be honest. It’s old. It has no garden. No pool. It doesn’t have any of the features on my dream house checklist;

  • in a gorgeous secure estate
  • wooden flooring
  • plush carpets in the bedrooms
  • integral garage
  • big kitchen with centre island and a gas hob
  • walk in wardrobe
  • en-suite bathroom with bath (jet bath, a big one) and his & her sinks ( yes I know I don’t have a “his” but hey… this is my dream house so why wouldn’t it come with my dream “his”)
  • A large mature garden – but not too large
  • a heated pool and …..
  • a Pilates studio/ gym.

My house has no garage. No pool. No garden. The floors are a lovely combination of cheap tile stock and a deep grey shade of grouting. My en-suite has a sink you can barely brush your teeth in and the main bathroom features a large geyser boxed in by someone practising their woodwork skills from a Pinterest post. It has a galley style (I use that term style very loosely) kitchen that that’s older me. I actually have a supply of superglue in the fridge for when the cupboard door knobs fall out so I can glue them back on and I’m pretty sure the sink is an outside sink. There are only 2 plug points so I have extension leads everywhere. My pet hate! Ok so I do have a lounge/dining room (never been used)/office/Pilates studio/ Ava’s playroom/Ava’s office/ cinema room/ storage room. Let’s call it the functional room shall we?

It’s a rental and so sure, it was never going to be my dream home. However, it’s conveniently situated to local amenities, easy access to main freeways and walking distance to Aiden’s school – depending on his mood as to just exactly how walkable. And it is literally a lockup-up-and-go house in a complex (which is well on its way to becoming a retirement home judging by my neighbours)

But you know what? I took the kids away the other weekend to Langebaan. Yup, just me and kids. Main criteria was the hotel had to have a pool. We enjoyed our little weekend break but we were all happy to get home. When I say enjoyed, it still means the kids nagged and whinged and whined.. it was Langebaan not a magical fairytale world after all. I had to be smart with my threats. Aiden was missing his PS4 but Ava loved having a pool. This meant threatening to stay longer in Aiden’s case and going home early for Ava. The other guests must have thought I was proper certified crazy, especially when I was yelling, eeerr I meant “talking firmly” to both of them at the same time. Not even sure how I would have pulled that off.

I am grateful that my kids are homely babies. Like me, they love to go on holiday now and then but then they are just as happy to get back home. It may not be the house I dream of, and not only dream of, it’s in my vision board. It’s in my goal list, in writing. But that house and it’s features will come. What we do have is a home. I didn’t think so but after the weekend away and seeing how happy and content and settled the kids were when we were back, made me realise this is home.


Bonnie sign off

Editors note! I do acknowledge the fact that the kids happiness at returning home may … MAY have had something to do with uncapped WiFi and a large doll collection with accessories.

2 responses to “Home time”

  1. E-J Avatar

    Great one Bonnie👌🏻

    Just so ‘normal’ and it’s stuff we think but don’t say out loud!

    Luv your sense of humour and style of writing….. keep it up, you have a dedicated fan here

    E-J XXX


    1. Bonnie Avatar

      Thank you mom. But it’s mandatory to be my no 1 fan. 💕💕😘


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