Exam time. Correction. Tests and assessment time. “Mom, it’s not exams okaaay?”

My boy was not wrong. Test was the right word. Testing my patience.

It would have been exams but thanks to Corona, it was tests. A pamphlet outlining the test dates and content covered were sent home, along with leaflets, workbooks and text books. My dining table looked ever so scholastic. Unfortunately it was more for decorative effect than revision.

So as it turns out, not all the tests were in the test info pamphlet. Why did I think it would? Afrikaans was in the workbook, and referenced some other item (book, text book, sheet, leaflet, booklet??) that neither of us had a clue about. Turns out they call it something else and we did have that thing. Why didn’t I know that?

And then a class group whatsapp informed us about the PSW test. WTF is PSW? Whilst I was in the throws of a high pitched lecture about revision and effort and priorities, I yelled out

“All I’m asking is for you to spend 30min, a half an hour, flip even 20min on your PS4!!!”

It was the first time that week I actually heard Aiden say “ok yes Mom”.

FFS. FML. WTF. PSW! What on Earth is that?

The next thing we are asked to please return the text books to school as some of the tests are open book and as per Covid19 regulations the books need to be returned. Quarantined I assume. I should have known that. So revising those subjects went out the window.

Every evening was the same revision rollercoaster.

Let’s revise?

I’m too tired Mom, we just got home. Just now.

Let’s revise now?

I’m eating dinner Mom, just now. (Longest ever dinner eating marathon, usually it’s just inhaled)

Let’s revise now?

I’m bathing now Mom, just now. (He never baths)

Let’s revise now?

I’m playing with Ava Mom, just now. (He never plays with Ava)

You need to revise so that you are confident, and less anxious to do the tests. If you want to do well then you need to sacrifice time to go over your work. Let’s revise now?

I’m tired mom, I just want to go to bed early tonight. (Seriously?)

So on top of my lectures on revision, effort and priorities, I add procrastination.

This becomes all too much so my 4th Grader sits me down and explains things the way he sees it.

“Mom, we go over this work all day at school. Every day. We go through everything. I spend every day at school learning this work. Why do I have to go over it all again at night? Why would I want to do it all again when I home? I know this stuff!”

Honestly I didn’t have an answer. I figured reverting to “when I was your age..” or “because that’s what I did at school; stressed and studied myself into a stupor…” wasn’t going to cut it. And I couldn’t go with the classic “because I said so.” Could I?

In his defence when I did try and test him, he did know the answers. His issues are getting them out his head and onto paper in an orderly fashion and, more specifically, in the way the school wants it to be answered.

In my defence it seems I didn’t know when the tests were, what subjects they were, no books and nor did I have the wherewithal to care.

Seems I was well and truly schooled.

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  1. E-J Avatar

    Excellent Bonnie, light hearted albeit true (for boys it seems)!

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