Hello Routine, you sexy thing you.

Let us all breathe a sigh of relief. The school calendar has commenced. I’ve got the first week back at work under my belt. Traffic is back along with homework, early morning alarms, packed lunches, meetings, juggling calendars, schedules and random requests for recycling, old t shirts and used batteries…new school car sticker now stuck on… all is right with the world again.

As a side note, I am going to start a sandwich outreach programme for all unwanted, untouched Sarmies.

However I have to confess 2018 did not get off to a smooth “I’ve been driving for 20 years” kind of start. This year it was more of a “I’ve had 2 lessons and now I think I can do a hand-break pull off, on a hill, with no hand-break, while the 1st gear keeps popping out” kind of start.

Last week I carefully took the time to update my calendar with the birthday party requests, work travel commitments and school events. I was going to be sorted in 2018. I was on top of things. Start as you mean to go on. I clearly remember reminding Jay to check the family shared calendar for all the events all smug because, you know, I’ve got this.

It was the last weekend before school, so we planned a great Saturday outing for the kids. I checked the weather. Cracker of a day it looks like. Check. Special price on tickets- Check. I invited Aiden’s buddy, and along with Ngcebo, sorry I mean Tebs (obviously), and madam Ava-Jane, we crammed into the car and headed off, sort of on time, to hit uShaka for 9am ish. This was going to be his buddy’s first time to uShaka ever!

Driving down I get that jiggly feeling like I’ve forgotten something. The date suddenly rings a bell. In the parking lot now, I grab my phone with trepidation and open up the calendar app.

Fuck. The first event in my 2018 calendar… completely missed! Birthday party for Aiden’s classmate. 10am. It’s now 9.20am We are in Durban with a car full of excited kiddies. All in their cozzies. Ready for uShaka. I swallowed hard and with a shaky voice I confessed to Aiden that Mom messed up. We will miss the party. I’m looking anxiously now at him, the silence.. the wait. (I’m mentally trying to tally up how many ticks I have under my bad mom column already. If you get 10 do you get a free reward you think??) He looks at me, thinks about it and says “Birthday? Or Party?” This is a defining moment here. Do I lie and say birthday. Or fess up and say party? The other kids are all looking at me. “Birthday” I say… quickly followed by “party”. Flip why does my voice sound like that? All squeaky and croaky like a bad cell phone reception call.

Aiden takes this information into consideration, pauses, then carefully responds.

“It’s ok Mom, it’s fine. Let’s go to uShaka”

Pheweeee. Relief. Last weekend before Aiden starts school on Wednesday back on track.

Note to self to check calendar every day.

So where was I? Oh yes… 2018 is going to be my bitch. I’ve got this. I decided to spend Sunday getting all of Aiden’s stuff ready for school. Sewing missing buttons back on. Cleaning out what can only be described as a massacre that occurred in his pencil case bag. I don’t even remember buying him that many erasers? To be fair, I couldn’t tell how many whole ones there actually were what with all the holes in them. Did they use them with mini machine guns as target practice I wonder? I am surprised his writing skills are where they are considering not a single pencil had a tip. Ah… yes ok, that now makes sense regarding the state of his erasers.

I went to bed Sunday night safe in the knowledge that all was sorted for first day of Grade 2 on Wednesday so I didn’t have to run around Monday or Tuesday as I was back at work then.

As Monday morning dawned, I was up and about at my usual 5am, like an excited kid at Christmas. Routine was on the horizon.. almost within my grasp. Zama would be in soon. Ava was at holiday club, I can go to gym then off to work. As I was scrolling through Facebook while having my morning tea and brekke, I saw a friend comment that her boys are going to be enjoying their last day of holidays before school starts. Hmm? That’s odd. Her boys attend the same school as Aiden. I had to double check that it was Monday we were on. Yip? So then if today was the last day of holiday?…….that would mean …..


School starts Tuesday.


I have an iPad whose sole purpose is to be my calendar. I have 5 calendars! Work, personal, Aiden, Ava-Jane and family and this happens?

All I can say is that I am so glad to have you back in my life. You give me comfort, stability and keep my sanity in check. I have missed you so much.

Hello Routine, you sexy thing you.”

2 responses to “Hello Routine, you sexy thing you.”

  1. Bron Avatar

    Absolutely. I agree Claudette. I am comfortable and happy in routine. Only a few more days to go until the rat wheel starts to churn again.


  2. Claudette Avatar

    From 2 weeks if no schedules to full on booked up…routine is back for us too. I needed the break, badly, but there’s something to be said about getting into plans and to do lists again.

    Bring it on. I’m ready.

    Happy new year!


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