Prominent Profiles

Perfectly Sorted - Inspirational Profiles

Fellow Bloggers / Social Media Guru’s who inspire me

Richard Wright

Dad, cancer survivor, public speaker, endurance junkie, mistake maker & expert on overcoming fear. He also happens to be a co-worker, as head of my company’s fabulous Training Academy, and a friend.

His journey is incredible, his vlogs a must-see, and hes ok-ish with photographs and painting. Ok, he’s flipping phenomenal.  Check out his Insta account, It’s definitely #notkak

Chantal Marie-Laurence Edouard-Betsy

Chantal is an old friend from my first ever job, ex-roommate and all round master of everything. Seriously, everything. She was owner of The Bedroom, (and was even interviewed by Carte Blanche), She is an expert on Banting / LCHF Diet, adult colouring in, and is owner of 1 Day Websites.  She is awesome.

Banting Website
Best Banting Weekly shopping list 

Ashley Knight

I don’t know Ashley personally, but I feel like I do. She is the mastermind behind Hello Boss Creative, a truly inspirational facebook Group/ Community for woman entrepreneurs.  The help, advice and most importantly support given by the passionate, driven woman in this group are a feat to behold. When women support women, only great things can happen.

Kristina Kuzmic

I want to be in her girl squad, I want to be her best friend. Her videos and posts are my sanity check. Every word out of her mouth  – I get it. She is honest, real and funny. She puts motherhood into perspective. If my mind was able to produce video clips – she nailed it.

Rachel Hollis

My new favourite favourite. I stumbled onto her by trying to find some good inspiration reading books for 2019. I had never heard of her before and now I am all over her like that annoying little sister who wants to be included and follow everything you do. Sorry Rach! She has come into my life at a time when I just need someone to spell it all out for me. Watch this. Read that, print this, do that. Done. Done Done. I have read her book, Girl, wash your face. It was excellent. I am inspired to consider ramping up my blogging and maybe one day a book. Who knows? I have even started taking her meal prep advice. Thank you Rachel.

Photo by Kaboompics // Karolina from Pexels

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