Day Derailed

It started off like any other day…

Me trying to figure out what day it is, which kid was going to do what or go where while I worked. Someone was crying. Probably me but at this point does it even matter? Throw in a last minute Tennis lessons for Aiden – where the time and the venue changed, coupled with zoom meeting stuff ups – with changed times so that now the tennis and the meetings are synced up nicely at the exact same frikkin time. I think I counted 5 trips to town and back that day. Seriously.

We are babysitting Tammy, my parents’ pooch and the kids are super excited and faffing all over her. Aiden astounded me by taking Tammy for a walk at 6.30am and wait for it… even picked up her poop with a nappy sack!!! Yup I’ve still got those lying around. (Nappy sacks, not poop) His love for animals goes above and beyond. In my eyes this boy could do no wrong.

Until it went wrong.

The day before, I had made a scrumptious roast chicken. Planning ahead for lunches and snacks so my week was sorted. I carved up a few pieces to get going. Insert smug look here. Aiden nagged for me to give Tammy some chicken.

Me: “Just wait, rather give her the chicken bones. I’ll keep them aside for her for later”


I go to the kitchen to dish up some lunch to find the chicken practically gone! Just a few little bits left.

Me: “Aiden!!!…. (goes ultrasonic) … why….. chicken… do you know how long… (ultrasonic again) … do you know how much…. what were you thinking… …”

I went on yelling for quite a bit, and evidently… in bloody stereo!!! Aiden had his buddy on a whatsapp call, so not only did it sound like I was yelling at myself, his friend(s), as I’m sure he had a game going with the mic on, heard the whole drama.

Turns out I didn’t specify that it should be the bones WITHOUT the chicken meat still on it.

OMFG. Some days just derail.

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