I love defining things. Feelings, concepts, goals, my eyebrows, even words I thought I kind of knew but wasn’t 100% certain.

Defining is finite.

As soon as I have defined a feeling or a concept it feels as if I have wrapped it in beautiful gift wrap, with a bow, ready to open. Definition allows for the “thing” to be limited with boundaries set, and a clear understanding.

Defining gives meaning.

Looking up the definition of define is rather ironic. The meaning of the word define, is to give or state the meaning of something. To explain something clearly and completely. Thanks to Google I can figure out definitions all the live long day. Although I did ask Siri “What is the definition of define?” The result was: One moment… still on it… something went wrong. Please try again. Thanks for nothing Siri.

Defining gives control.

It’s no wonder that as soon as I’ve defined a feeling, for example, I feel calmer, in control and able to deal with it as it transforms from an unknown wild flappy bird to a tame budgie. A little bulb in my head lights up and my brain goes “ aha.. gotcha. I now know what that is I can now deal with it.”

Defining helps acknowledge.

I’m sticking with feelings again. Defining what you are feeling helps to make it real and therefore acknowledge it. If I’ve been moody and grumpy for a few days I end up moaning at the kids, feeling sorry for myself but not really understanding why. Oh hey, I’m in a “mood”, but that doesn’t really explain anything. It’s not clear. There’s no boundary around “mood”. If I sit down and define it – I am feeling … hurt – only then can I deal with it. Only then can I truly acknowledge my feelings, figure out why I feel hurt and what I need to do in order to heal.

Defining helps anxiety.

Think about it, if you hear a sound in the middle of the night, you freak out, your heart beats faster, your thoughts go wild as to what it might be. As soon as you have defined the sound – it was the picture frame I thought I had expertly hung, falling off the wall – then all is well again. You are back in control, flooded with relief, and remind yourself to call a handyman in the morning.

Defining is what mascara does for eyelashes.

Almost any mascara brand either describes it or has it in the product name. Lash defining. Length and definition. Evidently lashes don’t know they are lashes, they don’t exist, are not clear, are just these hairs sticking out of your eyelids, until mascara defines them. So I rest my case. What could possibly be more important that defined lashes?

2 responses to “Definition”

  1. E-J Avatar

    Luv it Bonnie!

    AND, your blog has opened up a new concept for me – had never considered ‘defining’ so important, especially in terms of dealing with anxiety (defining one’s feelings).

    Thank you 🙂
    I always learn something from you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bonnie Avatar

      My number one fan. Thanks mom. Love you


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