Glamour Guilt

That face. The single glistening tear rolling down her cheek. Those eyes filled with sadness, staring deep into my soul. What horrid thing might have evoked such an emotional response? I was about to leave for my regular Saturday morning 90 minute gym class. 90 minutes, that’s all I was asking for. 90 minutes of me time.

Is there a YouTube kids channel that gives tutorials to kids on how to throw a tantrum when moms want to exercise some self love?


3 simple steps to getting your way, Hollywood style.

Step 1: The Sinek – Ask why… a lot.

Example – Why do you have to go to gym? Why do you have to go on a Saturday morning? Why can’t you do your exercises here at home? Why can’t you do it during the week?

Step 2: The Koala – be clingy…a lot

Example – cling to your mother’s foot or leg, or pull on her top or set up camp in her lap and cling to her torso.

Step 3: The Hollywood Hat trick – be glamorous

Example – look up with huge sad teary eyes, have a tear strategically roll down your cheek and end off the hat trick with a soft “But I love you and I don’t want you to leave me.” Disclaimer .. unless your mom goes to a friend’s house and they have other kids you can play with and are having fun, then mom is free to leave.

Follow these 3 simple steps and your mom will be racked with so much guilt she will abandon all plans and stay home with you to play any and all random games you make up on a whim.

Note! You may find your mom a bit grouchy and non-participative, and you do not need to know exactly what she is mumbling to herself under her breath.

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