Hump Day

It used to mean the middle of the work week and that as soon as you are over the hump, it’s all downhill to the weekend baby.

Until today.

Today’s hump day refers to being annoyed and upset. Okay okay… pissed off is way more accurate.
I knew I had a 5 hour zoom meeting starting at 8.30am so I thought I’d get an early start to my day. I got the kids to school exceptionally early. Well okay, it was well within the “on time” range but for us, it was exceptional.

I was at my desk at 7.23am. High five to myself. 


Then the complex garden service arrived armed with leaf blowers. 
Then the sound of chain saws began as palm trees were being cut. 
Then my meeting started. 
Then the painters arrived to prep the house for its paint job.
Then several knocks at my door and a request to open a window for the electrical cord. I was like please just be careful because then monkeys can get in. 
Then had to listen to the complex chairman commiserate with me about the increase in monkey troops and how the baby monkeys can even get through security gates and burglar bars (I’m sure you can see where this is going?)
Then note – still in zoom meeting.
Then the painters start stripping the window frames and of course they began with the one in front of my face. 
Then note – still in zoom meeting. 

My view:

Then I couldn’t take the noise any longer and when my meeting was done I moved (whipped my laptop off the desk threw the cords down and stomped with a huff) into the lounge. 
Then the painters took a break – right outside my lounge window. 
Then my laptop which had been swearing at me occasionally, gave me the middle finger and it downed tools. Something about low/no storage space. Can’t save anything. Can’t open anything. Can’t do anything. 
Then I heard a noise, yes even over my whinging and complaining…it was the  effing baby monkeys! 
Then I run screaming into the kitchen to chase them away, not before they ate all my bananas and ran off  with my apples and naartjies, dropping them as they scaled the walls and roof. 
Then I went and yelled at the 5 painters all sitting on my patio that the monkeys stole my fruit.

Haibo is all I got.
I said it’s because they left the window open. 
Haibo is all I got. 
I said and how come none of you came to see if I was okay after the screaming. 
Haibo is all I got. 

Haibo Hump Day .

PS. By the end of the week, the painters knew my every facial expression. Or maybe it was the tears springing out of my eyes, Or maybe it was the flat tyre and the tow truck parked in my drive, But I appreciated their ” Haibo, Madam, are you having a bad day?”

One response to “Hump Day”

  1. Shelly DS Avatar

    Well that sounds like a very eventful day! Haibo, at least it’s over!


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