My Self Imposed Social Media Free September

01 September 2020

My Why

I felt that my discipline and control over the distraction of social media had come undone.

I was checking it incessantly to the point that I was opening the app as soon as I had just closed it. Randomly scrolling through more bullshit sponsored adverts than anything else, seeing updates from people I wasn’t sure I even knew and reading negative comments – none of which are necessary or required in my daily life when I already have limited time to do the things that actually matter to me. 

I decluttered my social media space and cleaned up friends lists. If I don’t know them, if they are no longer in my life, then they are not friends. I’m no longer people pleasing. It’s okay to let them go. I am trying to make space in my head for creativity. I am freeing up time to focus on my goals and activities that bring me joy. 

I want to encourage connection, communication and conversation IRL. The digital space has distorted the dimensions of these essential human traits and I need to re-calibrate. It’s not forever. It’s an adjustment of my attention.   

Let’s start.

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