Lockdown Level up: Part 1

Life as we know it will never be the same again.

I have read these words often recently. The new normal. Unprecedented times. Surreal. Apocalyptic.

It’s all very dramatic and panic-attack inducing at the very least. While we are now in our 5th and final week of lockdown – as we know it, and stare at the new normal of “lockdown shedding” from 1st May, I don’t feel the sense of relief I thought I would. I wasn’t counting the weeks nor the days for that matter as I felt that activity was reserved for the fun, exciting and anticipated events in my life, like a 40th party, or an overseas trip, or a girlie weekend away. My calendar is clear. There is nothing to count down.

I know what week and day we are now, as we are nearer the “end” but I think that is where some of my anxiety is sitting uncomfortable. It’s not an “end”. There is no finish line in sight. It’s like another beginning. What we are presented with, is a government-medical relay team holding batons labelled 5 through to 1 and they will be running up and down passing the “lockdown shedding” level batons to each other at random distances along the track, with no foreseeable finish line. The best you can hope for is seeing the guy with the next level baton moments before it’s changed. You can’t count down something like that. You can’t cheer on the runners. You can’t make celebratory plans for after the race as you don’t know when that would be. And is it even a race? There is only one team and we are all rooting for them to finish.

I had to ask myself what can I do?

Firstly I can lay on my couch all day and finish watching my series. So I did. In between a failed attempt at a grocery supply run, making gourmet meals of bacon rolls and Nutella biscuits, playing dominos, and hair salon client, and teacher-teacher, I assumed the position on the couch and only got up if it was food, water or life-and-death related.

I finally managed to hone my “rest and relaxation” skills and took a well deserved “me-time time-out” (as best a single mom in lockdown can)
Anxiety had me tight in its grips and paralysed my thoughts, emotions, and even my desire to Monica-clean. Clearly even my anxiety has levels now. Level 5 is paralysis and Netflix binge-watching, Level 4 I get distracted with playing Two Dots, and maybe cleaning light fixtures and cleaning the cleaning appliances is a Level 3.

I think I need to take a page of my my sons book, or more like a back bling item out of his Fortnite accessories and level up.

Level up

(in a role-playing game) advance one’s character to the next level of development.

“build your army, level up your hero, purchase equipment, and challenge your friends to massive battles”

We have all seen the leaked lists at various stages of all the things we can’t do at the different levels. I’d rather make my own list and levels of the things I can do.

  1. What does life after lockdown look like for me and my family?
  2. What values are going to drive my new normal life?
  3. What am I going to base my decisions on?
  4. What does my priority list look like?
  5. How does this affect my daily affirmations and my 2020 goals?
  6. What can I personally do in each “Lockdown Shedding” level?
  7. How am I going to navigate my anxiety as we move through the levels?

I need to answer these questions and create my Lockdown level up plan so I can advance my character to the next level of development. I need to get cracking on building my mental agility, I can acquire skills and I can certainly challenge my friends. I’m open to input, suggestions, and advice. Only positive though. I’m trying to level up in this game y’all.

Look out for Lockdown Level up part 2 next week. I have some work to do.

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