Today was supposed to be so many things

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Today we were supposed to be paroled, the last day of Lockdown.
But season 2 starts tomorrow. Another 2 weeks.

Today the kids would have been back at school, 2 days. Aiden having hockey practise.

Today I was supposed to be in Durban for 2 nights for a work awards event, socialising, congratulating, and dancing the night away.

Today I would have gone to bed and woken up to see my parents, and then my dear friend visiting from Oz, for an amazing awesome girlie spa trip to Indigo Fields.

Instead today my brave face washed away somewhere between work calls, deadlines, tantrums, treats, tears, unpacking the dishwasher and remaking a fort.

For the most part I am grateful and I am doing fine. I am loving being home with my kids, and face timing my sister at stupid o clock in the morning, venting to Mom, checking in with my besties and making new friends that are getting me through these groundhog days.

But not today.

Today I am frustrated, upset, angry, sad, resentful, and utterly overwhelmed.

But I know that this too shall pass.
Tomorrow will be better.
Tomorrow I will be brave.
Tomorrow I will once again be grateful.
for the pause,
for the opportunities,
for the privilege,
for reflection
here’s hoping,
some rest.

4 responses to “Today was supposed to be so many things”

  1. Shelly DS Avatar

    As I was reading your posts, the timelines seemed all too familiar… we’re both in South Africa! Still in lockdown, but I hope you are feeling much better in this “advanced level 3” stage ❤

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    1. Bonnie Avatar

      Hey Shelly. Great to hear you are a fellow Saffer. I am much better and … I moved to Durban. Where about are you?

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      1. Shelly DS Avatar

        That’s good! I’m in freezing Joburg. Enjoy the beach while we stare at four walls!


  2. EJ Williams Avatar
    EJ Williams

    Your words hit me like a sudden pain in my heart, Bonnie 😣
    Much has changed in our lives rather suddenly for both the short & long-term.
    Your feelings are totally
    understandable and you are crystal clear in how you
    express what you are experiencing.
    Good blog Bonnie – hope tomorrow is much better xxx


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