Day 4: Memorandum

Dear patrons,

  1. We will be moving over to paper plates, plastic cups and setting up the Oros on tap with immediate effect
  2. It has come to our attention that the pick-up-after-yourself rule is not being adhered to. One more “accidental” spill will not be tolerated and you will no longer be served by the kitchen.
  3. A reminder that the kitchen does not operate on an buffet menu, nor on an al la Carte basis. There is a set daily menu – at the discretion and inclination of the chef.
  4. Eating on the couch and floor is no longer permissible.
  5. Any clothing items requiring ironing will not be washed.
  6. Business hours are 7am – 7.30pm (8.30pm for the over 6 but under 10’s) and 9pm for adults. Anything outside of stipulated hours operates on a self service basis.
  7. Whomever set up a 5.30am alarm on Aiden’s phone will be asked to leave the establishment.
  8. Any YouTube, Kids YouTube or Tik Tok videos as well as Christmas songs, are to be listened to via earphones only. No exceptions.
  9. Washing of hands is a solo task, ie. one per basin, not two, and patrons are reminded to please use water sparingly and not to wash the floor while rinsing. There are no brownie points for finishing first.
  10. A gentle reminder that etiquette rules still apply. Please’s, thanks you’s, no forced burping, and for the sensitive senses of management, please, pretty please, flush after no2.
    And lastly,
  11. Suggestion of “screen free Saturday” has been tabled for discussion this morning.

Thank you

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