Day 3: Also referred to as the COVID-19 blues

Two out of every three mothers or primary caregivers will suffer the COVID-19 blues which typically occurs between the third and tenth days – usually after the kids’ schools have been closed, all holiday care, camps, clubs, child care cancelled, your office WFH (that’s work from home, but some may have read it as WTF – same same) policy has been implemented and you are struggling with the basic needs of keeping the kids fed at regular intervals throughout the day, and a seemingly endless supply of dirty cups and plates that appear disproportionate to the amount of food actually consumed.

If you find yourself suffering from COVID-19 blues don’t panic because it is normal and will most likely pass.

The COVID-19 blues can be responsible for a range of emotions from despair about cooking and Pinterest-worthy crafting ideas, to lack of confidence in your ability to keep your shit together in the parenting department whilst trying to remain professional in your fourth work Zoom meeting of the morning.

Experiencing the COVID-19 blues is completely normal but the good news is these feelings will usually only last 2-4 weeks (or until school and child care facilities resume) and don’t require further treatment other than self medicating with your over the counter favourite brand of alcoholic beverage. It is also important to try not to compare yourself to those parents who are home schooling, growing their own vegetables, and playing board games with their kids during their screen free time in a spotless home while dressed for a magazine spread and running a successful business all before lunch.

Stay positive

Remind yourself that COVID-19 blues is just a temporary, pandemic and government induced phase, related to the responsibility of full time parenting and domestic duties while being accessible digitally via a plethora of devices 24/7. Adjusting to having no free time whatsoever, not even being able to rely on the commute to the office as a reprieve, can be difficult and challenging, but with the support of your family and friends – online or from a socially responsible distance of at least 2 metre, it can be very rewarding.

Editors note.
I am still researching for the next article where we explore just how the word “rewarding” is applicable in relation to the COVID-19 blues.

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