Migraine Musings


Are my Kryptonite
Are relentless
Are excruciating
Are debilitating
Are scary.


Force me to slow down
Force me to cancel plans
Force me to say no
Force me to ask for help.


Remind me what’s important
Remind me life is fragile
Remind me to take care of me
Remind me how human I am.


Affect my sight
Affect my speech
Affect my memory
Affect my mood
Affect my body
Affect my appetite
Affect my co-ordination
Affect my family
Affect my life.


Bring me to tears
Bring me to my knees.


Own me
Humble me.

HUBERT AIRY FIRST became aware of his affliction in the fall of 1854, when he noticed a small blind spot interfering with his ability to read. “At first it looked just like the spot which you see after having looked at the sun or some bright object,” he later wrote. But the blind spot was growing, its edges taking on a zigzag shape that reminded Airy of the bastions of a fortified medieval town. Only, they were gorgeously colored. And they were moving.

The 19th Century Doctor Who Mapped His Hallucinations. 

A great National Geographics article along with a photograph of what is still probably the best, most accurate visualisation of a migraine attack. Click here to read the article.


Migraines described in Art

Portraits by Toronto artist Kieren Brent, for me really reflect someone in the grips of a migraine.

Click here to see his art described as “abstract enough to become vague though in a defined context describing fully the subject its time”.

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