Project Procrastination

Does anyone else have issues with their kids’ school projects?

#AskingForMe as right now I don’t care what my friends issues are. I have a procrastinator in my midst people! This is serious.

My son has a water experiment to present on Thursday. He has known about it for over 2 weeks already. He’s done nothing. I keep asking. I nag. I am an expert in nagging. I’m hitting the stroke level of annoyance.

All I get back is….

“It’s only on Thursday. I have time.”
“I know what to do, I’ll do it later.”
“I don’t need to practice.”

Problem is…

I know he won’t end up having time.
I know he doesn’t know what to do.
I know he needs to practice.

He doesn’t.

I want to use this as a life lesson, a teaching moment and just leave it and see what happens. I am not doing this for him.

BUT how can I stand by and watch my boy fail?

Add to the mix our wonderful “parenting shame” we pretend we don’t engage in and then I’ll most likely get the “Shame poor boy. His mother let him fail” song.

I’ve reminded him almost daily for 2 weeks.
I’ve offered my time both weekends. All weekend if needs be.
I’ve offered advice, tips, and a selection of all my glass jars and wooden spoons.
I’ve offered to be an audience for him to present to.

Apart from actually doing it for him while he YouTube’s the latest Fortnite battle during his reduced screen time hours, there is nothing else I can do.

Protecting my kids from failure is not helping them.
It’s making it worse.
So I’m fully prepared to let him fail this one.

The only problem is thinking that my boy may fail makes me feel like a failure. I know I know. I am projecting my own FOF ( fear of failure) issues onto my offspring. So cliché. 🙄

I have to reframe this.

(My therapist would be proud. Implementing skills learnt and all that.)

Potentially Seeing my boy fail at something is parenting in action. He may not learn the outcomes of the water experiment but perhaps next time he will learn about priorities, planning and being prepared.


I may be completely overreacting and he will a miracle, pull a rabbit out the hat, think on his feet and pull off the presentation, just like a expert procrastinator. Hmm he reminds of someone. 🤔

Project procrastination perfectly sorted. Or not, it’s cool. It’s all good.

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

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