Mom gets home…

Mom gets home at 6pm after a kak Monday only to be harassed by son (no hello Mom, how was your day Mom) for another Fortnite skin for “only R89 bucks Mom. I have to have it because it in the store”.

Mom says “No”.

Son says “Please!”

Repeat on a loop for about 10min until son turns into Hulk. Screams so loud his sister bursts into tears.

Son headbutts Mom, punches her in the arm and then throws her car keys across the room. (Not sure what that was for.. it was the closest thing to him)

Mom tries counting to 10 and deep breaths (apparently exhaling activates the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for rest and repair).

Mom reckons f&*k that and drags son outside, holding the door closed with all her strength. (Car keys with door key are now on the other side of the room. Ffs)

Son tries to kick door down.

Neighbour comes out to see what’s going on.

Son gets a fright and runs off.

Neighbour messages Mom concerned as complex gates are open and he may get out.

Peace for 10min while Mom plays 0’s and X’s with daughter.

Mom hears sniffing and scuffling outside.

Son is peering through the door’s cap flap hole complaining of a headache. (No shit Sherlock .. maybe from the head butt?)

Son slinks into his room acting like Mom is the one who went all Hulk and looks like he’s fearing for his life.

Mom tries to talk to son, realises it’s still too soon and returns to the lounge to find daughter has scribbled with pen all over the couch.

Mom yells at daughter.

Daughter cries and cries …. and cries some more.

Then daughter has a coughing attack.

Mom spends the next 30min calming daughter down.

Mom sits her ass down on the couch where the pen scribbles are and writes about her night with the cool breeze coming from the broken cat flap, deciding this is a more responsible action as opposed to riding off into the darkness as loadshedding approaches.

21.30pm update.

Son apologises loads. Gives mom big hugs.

Even tickled HER back at bedtime. 💕

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3 responses to “Mom gets home…”

  1. Claudette Avatar

    Yup. Blah. 🙃


  2. Claudette Avatar

    Fortnite will be the end of me.
    Hang in there…💞


    1. Bonnie Avatar

      Thanks Claudette. I’m hanging. Hanging on with dear life. Fortnite is a blessing when you want a break and a nightmare all at the same time.

      Liked by 1 person

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