Night night off

I love going out and having a break now and then but you know what I also love? When I get home, I go give the kids a love and a mooch while they are all snug as a bug in a rug. Ava is no doubt in the middle of dreaming about mermaid princesses riding unicorns on the way to visit Barbie so doesn’t know I’m home. Aiden is getting older now where he wakes up and grabs me with both arms “Mommy!! You’re home. How was your night?” (Note I’m Mommy when he’s all sleepy and happy and being the prodigal son.

I snuggle with him while he asks about my day and I ask about his. I love that he asks about my day. In fact both my children (note I use the word children when I’m incredibly proud and happy) ask me about my day and how I’m feeling these days. It doesn’t matter that it’s 10pm or 11pm or whatever time I get home. We have our little catchup with lots of cuddles and loves and then he says “ok mom you can go now” (note in our home loves and mooches = hugs and kisses)

I used to dread the bedtime part as it took me literally hours to put him to bed. I had to lie there and sing and read and tickle until the cows came home or the sheep jumped over the fence or humpty fell over. That was after the customary

“I’m hungry.

I’m thirsty.

No that water was in the wrong cup.

Oh wait Mom I forgot I didn’t want to wear these Pajamas I wanted the other ones.

Oh wait mom I didn’t finish counting my card collection. I’ll be quick I only have 437.”

Now don’t get me wrong, still have to tickle his back (is it a male thing?) but it doesn’t take as long. Alright I do admit there is still the “I’m hungry” drama or I need a glass of water next to my bed requests, but that’s usually because we’ve had a standoff over dinner. You know the kind where the dinner cooked wasn’t what he quite felt like that night and I’m not budging so therefore I’m evil and letting my son starve (as if). Since when does left over spagbol in the microwave equal starvation? And I’m not a short order cook. This is not a buffet service here at hotel Kelland. The array of bowls, cups and plates that try fight their way out of his room might have you believe otherwise. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, these days it’s much easier.

These days when I’m putting him to bed and he says I can go, sometimes I don’t want to go just yet. I said sometimes, not always. I enjoy our little moment just before sleep time. No distractions (unless Miss Janey is still awake in which case there will be distractions and interruptions and most likely tears and then a desperate search for the tissue box because “Mommy I’m snotting”. So I put Ava to bed first. Ladies or should I say divas first. Always. So there we were at 10.30pm last night, Aiden and I chatting away about the day.

Like I said I really enjoy a night out / off now and then and trust me I need it for my sanity and to remember the non mom part of my life. The one that doesn’t involve homework, and packing lunches and nagging the kids to do the basic hygiene requirements of human existence while I’m in my stretchy pant and granny jersey scrolling through Netflix. But I’m so grateful to get home to my gorgeous cherub-like children when the night is done. (I can refer to them in angelic like context when they are sleeping. Probably the only time you can do that.)

Funny how a night out can give you a little perspective. A night off from one world to experience another.

I really do have the best of both worlds.

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