Hitting the wall part 4 : Divorce, Redundancy & Relocation

Written January 2019 – Unedited

Divorce, Redundancy & Relocation

At the beginning of 2018 I separated from my husband of 17 years.
I was also made redundant from my regional position at work in the same week.
Then we started divorce negotiations.

The house, my dream family home, went up for sale. I got an offer to stay with my company, which I love dearly, but had to relocate to Cape Town. We had to give notice and pack up the regional office. The A team was disbanded. We had no office anymore, I worked from home or coffee shops. I had huge life changing decisions come at me one by one. Unrelenting. I had to apply to schools in Cape Town for my son. While deciding on the Cape Town role I still had a job and the travel increased. The offer on the house fell through. I couldn’t move to Cape Town if the house didn’t sell, if there wasn’t a place for my son at school.

Suddenly in a space of a month;
Got a call from a school with a place for Aiden.
Found a house.
Booked movers.
House sold.
Packed up my family home.
Left my Durban hometown, friends and family, moved to Cape Town, the day before 3rd term of school, with uniforms sorted,
Went to work the next day.
Found a nanny.
Found a gym, doctors, dentist.
Two trips to the hospital, one for each child.
Hosted a birthday party.
Went to school functions
Organised playdates.
Said yes to pretty much all and every invite that came my way.
Engaged in loads of small talk, big talks, all forms of talk to get out there and meet people.
Travelled more, this time a week at a time away from the kids, flew Mom in to help.
Signed up for Pilates classes.
Went exploring on weekend to see beaches and mountains and penguins.
Got divorced – officially.
Our beloved dog Baba passed away.
Work, travel, party.
Up at 5am, in bed at 11pm.

The first half of the year was like the Grand Prix.

I had plans and things to do that kept me racing around that track. My breaks were like 10 second pit stops. Super fast, barely stopping. The odd Friday off here and there for errands or trips to JHB. Job, house, schools, friends…. Everything sorted.

The question always asked… How am I setting in? Loving Cape Town?

Of course, yes all settled, all good. Cape Town is beautiful. I would divert the question to the kids – they are settling in so well, they really do adjust so quickly. Never mind that I still hadn’t mounted the TV or put mirrors up.

All was fine. I was fine. I was absolutely fine. I was managing fine.

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