Hitting the wall Preface


Written January 2019 – Unedited


Let me begin by saying my journey is by no means unique. I am not special in the emotions, thoughts and feelings experienced while I navigate my way through life. However, I did stumble upon the ability to articulate those emotions, thoughts and feelings, bringing them to life through words. And I really do mean stumble.  I started writing as a form of therapy. I write about me, for me, however in doing so, realised my voice echoed those of others, travelling the same road. I also need to mention another important fact.

Your journey, both the struggles and the triumphs, are just that.

Whether you are single with or without children, or have one, two or four children, working, not working, entrepreneur, struggling with a disability or perfectly healthy, your journey and experiences are not easier or harder that the next person’s. If you have never had children and then have one, that is just as hard as the mom who had three and then had a forth. You get used to level of life at which you live and any change to that will undoubtedly cause some form of chaos and stress, regardless of what that change is. Everyone’s abilities to deal with stress differs.  You might be able to cope with a loss of a loved one, bankruptcy, a sick child and a full-time job, while the next person would just need one of those traumas to spiral into depression and anxiety and unable to cope without medical intervention. That is OK. My point here is don’t ever judge and don’t feel you are less deserving of the emotions you are going through. They are yours. This is not a competition as to who can deal with more while still smiling with perfectly applied makeup and not a hair out place.  If that is what you think, and I will put my hand up here, guilty as charged, then hun, you are going to crash. Maybe not now, but you will.


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