La Dolce Far Niente

I’m not sure if it’s the miserable weather, or the “nearing the year end” burnout but this week I’ve been feeling pretty sorry for myself. So I decided instead of “busy-ing” my evenings away with various projects and goals, that I would just take this week to indulge in my self pity and and try do as the per the Italian saying “La Dolce Far Niente” – and enjoy the sweet art of doing nothing.
Translation :- holed up in bed binge watching Showmax. 3 Seasons of Younger (Great series about a 40 year old pretending to be a 26 year working in marketing in a publishing company) done and dusted already.

I think we underestimate this sweet art of doing nothing.
Does it mean we are lazy, lack ambition? Dare I say failing at life? What will the everyone think? Can you image this scenario playing out during a conversation?

Me: “Hey so how have you been?
Other: “I’ve been soooooooo busy, its been cray- cray, like hectic! I went to gym, did the school run, and work, and then volunteered at the charity function, and wrote a book, and cooked dinner from scratch, and sorted out the kids, and worked some more, and painted the garage. And you?”
Me: “Wow that does sound hectic. I’ve been taking it easy, just having some quite time, nothing planned, nothing accomplished, just being really.”
Other: (Thinking to themselves – what a loser, how can you do nothing? What’s wrong with her? Is she sick or depressed or  not very bright?)  Slapping on a fake smile and high pitched voice “Oh, I so wish I had the time to just chill and do nothing, that sounds loooovely” Well I’ve got to run, need to go plant my veggie garden, alphabetise my canned goods, host a dinner party for 12 and carefully apply night cream by tapping my perfectly manicured middle finder gently on the corners of my eye in a circular motion.”
Me: Is that all?? (Thinking to myself,  I can find a better use for my middle finger right now). Chat soon hun Bye.

Ok, so I embellished ever so slightly above to make my point, but I guess there needs to be some balance in our lives between being productive, accomplishing goals, self-improvement and taking time to relax, empty the mind and just be in the moment. We need both. To feed our own soul and to feed society’s perception of success. However too much of the former will result in you having burnout, too much of the latter will result in you being a bum. It’s a fine line.

This is a topic that holds much interest for me as I have a lot to say, however it conflicts with me being a bum right now and I need to start season 4 ….

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