A typical weekday example

The kids have had dinner, bathed, pj’s on, and are finally in their respective rooms. The house  is locked up, my electric blanket is on.

Time for bed I say.

It literally just clicked over to 6pm as I write this. Don’t judge me. Being a “single Mom”  4 days a week takes it out of me.

Here’s a lovely example for you.

Last night’s dinner

I painstakingly cooked up a gourmet meal of “eggie and sausage”. Where are the vegetables you ask? Tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is a vegetable in our house ok? Aiden only wanted the egg, Ava only wanted the sausage and Ngcebo wanted whatever was going and whatever was left over and whatever wasn’t eaten in the bowls. So I split Ava’s scrambled egg with the boys and gave her Aiden’s sausage.  Sorted, right?

10min later. Ava starts crying cos she wants egg.  So I go back to the kitchen which I have already cleaned and get out the stuff and make her egg, again.  Sorted, again.

While Ava is waiting for it to cool, the boys rush off somewhere. Ava jumps up to join them.., egg EVERYWHERE.
I could have saved some time and just thrown the egg onto the floor myself.

Bath time

Me begging Aiden to bath.
”Aiden, I can’t tell the difference between a bruise or dirt! I don’t know if I should be feeling sorry for you or annoyed at how dirty you are. I won’t know unless I dunk you in water”


Tonight, on the coldest day in history, of course Aiden wants to swim. He got the hell in with me for denying him and Ngcebo the opportunity to get hypothermia and or cold/flu/ear infection/ bronchitis or pneumonia – and let’s just assume all stories include Ngcebo unless otherwise specified – so he wrote a “Do Not Enter. I’ve got detention” sign and stuck it on his door then somehow got a chest of drawers (plastic ones) out of his cupboard along with a chair and his Hoverboard and barricaded the door so I couldn’t open it.

20min later he’s bathing with his underpants on and snorkel goggles.

To hell with dinner. I’m off to bed.
Night y’all

The week, perfectly sorted.


If you think I’ve abandoned my kids or they are sleeping already (as if) Ava is with me watching Dora in bed and Aiden is chillaxing in his room watching that Kevin Costner/ Ashton Kutcher movie The Guardian about the sea search and rescue. Makes sense now why he’s been in the pool all week jumping off a bench into the water over and over again and then swimming to the bottom of the pool all the time. 
Note to self to really check what movies are on the USB drive plugged into the tv.

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