Baba and the storm

That was a fun evening!

Aiden came home in the middle of his 3- day sleepover at 10pm. ( secretly one happy mommy). Then the storm started. Baba, our Jack Russell goes crazy.. hectic Storm anxiety, poor dog literally shakes. He kept running into Ava’s room and jumping on her bed waking her up so she was crying. At one point I was trying to hold down both Ava and Baba. Unsuccessfully mind you. He kept crawling under the bed or in other tiny spaces when I tried to give him mootie. Eventually at about 1.30 I managed to get 2 Allergex tablets down his throat. (After chasing him up and down the passage while Ava was yelling Come Baba).

How the rest of the house managed to sleep through I have no freaking idea.

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